Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't Go Where They're Out To Get You!

Today's news has featured Americans beguiled and beleagured by drug-gang rule in Mexico and Jamaica, and 'DETAINED' in Yemen and Iran.  Three chums, two guys and a girl, imprisoned in Iran tried to hike across the Iran-Iraq border a couple of years ago and were imprisoned on suspicion of espionage.  You can blame Iran for a lot, but I can't see blaming them for this.  At least they were giving these kids credit for some kind of mental sanity.  The trio did not claim to be on a humanitarian or archaeological mission, nooooooooooo, they were hiking.  Because there are no good hiking places in North or South America, Europe or the Antipodes?  Because they were already living in Syria?  Now we find that two of the three want to get married and the other boy will act as best man.  Awwwww..........$#!  They want to get out and 'start a family' .  What would this world be if all those who had more dollars than sense - or just, the awesomely STUPID - were 'spayed or neutered'???          

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