Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scariest Movie in America

"Crumbling of America" "History Channel" - Forestle search = about 3,490.


This documentary is the most truly horrifying movie in America. Combine the mega-disasters of Katrina-Rita, firestorms across the world in recent years, the BP spill and the toll of our Middle Eastern wars, and that still would be relatively trivial compared to the only-a-matter-of-time global catastrophe, hydra-headed threat to our CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE.

For at least the last 40 years, presidential candidates have been promising 'elect me and I'll fix the infrastructure' (while 'creating jobs for Americans', 'getting free of [foreign-at-least] fossil fuel dependency', stopping pollution, etc.), and blowing it all to the wind in favor of war, 'wars' over tax-break favoritism, and endless campaigning once they're actually in office. We citizens, en masse, show our concern by hanging on every detail of meta-addicted plutocrat poptarts' latest court-plea fashion statements--

And let the TRILLIONS of dollars, billions of tons of materials, and armies of manpower we need to fix it get devoured in foreign lands and in outrageous wanton waste here at home.

It would not be good enough to to really be righteous if we put our hideous, awesomely vulnerable power grid (poles, skeletal 'towers', etc., ever more cable-webworking out the sky and necessitating the mangling or eradication of our life-giving urban forest) underground (with all manner of security protocols actually employing competent loyal natural American citizens), and dredge out dams below depths that make them such downstream flood hazards, while using the soil and rock removed to (with more advanced construction engineering, free-energy onsite electrical safety/warning devices, etc.,) raise levees, thicken fill-dam walls, fill sinkholes, berm erosion, restore islands, and such, but it would be immeasurably better than what we have been doing - or not doing, unless you consider IGNORING LIKELY APOCALYPTIC DANGERS an 'activity'.

Friday, September 17, 2010

ABATEMENT: local; long-needed


EPA proposes $69.2 million plan to contain 4.2-mile-long contaminated underground water plume from Whittier to Norwalk


Number of illegal immigrants in U.S. now declining
Had to happen eventually.  Took all the jobs left in the US - the rest were outsourced (often by the same frequently FOREIGN-on-US-soil / formerly American businesses who hired - or even brought them in and doubled their lawscoffing by keeping them in various kinds of illegal and immoral thralldom), and now, like their anchor-babies who grow up with other native-born Americans, have the career choices of (1.)  Killer Cannon-Fodder for Endless War.  (2.) Crime.  ...Bridging these two, of course, are the few (but still utterly too many), the (satanically) proud executive and demagogue lackeys of the insatiable bloodsuckers who exploit it all.

...Not for me to judge, but I can't help thinking that the tubes sticking out of Dick Cheney's chest are uh, }}ahem! {{  KARMA's piquant way of saying, 'Now more like Vladimir Harkonnen than ever!!'

'Appalling' Surveillance of Peaceful Demonstrators


And even this neo-totalitarian effort at 'homeland security' is OUTSOURCED; the name of the agency is 'Institute of Terrorism Research and Response'.  Forestle Search it, whydoncha.  Here's the 'nonprofit' ={{{koff - yeahright -koff}}}= link on it:

You, too, can be suspect with a dossier 'n' stuff, and have secret warnings sent out about you.  Go ahead and protest anything! ANYthing!

Chinese hold Mortgage on USA; Swoop Up American Forclosures

Among many articles:
http://www.topix.com/forum/business/real-estate/T6EAMFCET6HKSJKJ3  (Focusses mostly on the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County - as well it might, regarding  private home purchases - but it's all over, including many big famous businesses, rural properties, etc.).

I have nothing against people who are racially Chinese - indeed, the Han seem to produce more exquisite beauty and brilliant brains than most of the rest of us (and, yes, I kow that there are many races / subracial types, in the morphological / physical / genetic sense, in China), and there are innumerable honorably admirable things about Chinese culture (is it the OLDEST of all?)... But there are pervasive traditional aspects of it so coldly ruthless and insularly arrogant that I dread them more than the violence and wantonness of the Western and African world, the Sharia extremists and dhimmi-jihadists of the Islamic world, or fulfillment of the reconquistadores de Aztlan's  most aggressive dreams.  It may be irrational, bigoted, paranoid.......But nothing says LOST to me more than Chinese takeover.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Insane Transmission Tower Lines


Edison's new power scheme is an abomination. It recalls T. Edison's ruthless thievishness and relish to electrocute man and beast for monopolistic profit.

Nothing is more vulnerable to terrorist efficacy or natural disaster than our exposed power grid. It has also been proven that illness and deformity increase in areas near electrical transmission towers. God only knows what damage is done to body, mind and spirit as trees are butchered or forbidden so that we may be ever more trapped under the cross-hung webwork of wire!

If we really cared about a safe, employed America, we would stop feeding all we have to war profiteers and other government contract bloodsuckers, and start a grand project to PUT POWERLINES AND GOODS TRANSPORTATION UNDERGROUND; WELL-GUARDED.

And~ What power might be generated if even ONE transmission tower was hung full of louvered-reel generators and photoelectric cells?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nature-Lovers Flee Discovery Center Pork Proj

Posted in Relief from the Concrete by Friends of the Whittier Narrows Natural Area

Last community-based environmental organization walks away from Discovery Center project

And then there were none.

The last community-based environmental organization on the booster committee for the troubled San Gabriel River Discovery Center water museum project voted in July to remove itself from the committee.

The exit of the local chapter of the California Native Plant Society is the latest page in an exodus from the project. In past years, the Discovery Center Authority claimed to have nearly 30 members on the committee. Today the list is down to seven.

The project booster committee is now made up almost exclusively of government agencies and water districts, a fact which reveals the project for what it is: unsustainable pork-barrel spending at a time when the taxpayer and ratepayer can no longer bear it.

The $22 million taxpayer-funded water museum and meeting hall -- deemed "incompatible" with the Whittier Narrows Significant Ecological Area by the county's own habitat experts -- is being pushed by a group of government agencies and water districts. Now, their booster committee consists almost exclusively of other government agencies and water districts.

Remaining members include the watershed council, an interest group dominated by agencies, water districts and utility companies; and another government agency whose chairman supports expanded oil drilling in the nearby Whittier Hills even though the agency was established to protect habitat and wildlife there.

Organizations that have decided to walk away because of their opposition to the project or their concerns about its goals, impacts and viability include the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society and the Whittier Narrows Nature Center Associates. Volunteer members of these and other organizations are deeply committed to community, conservation and education -- and they reject the destruction of wildlife habitat and public lands for a building intended primarily as a meeting hall for government officials and water execs.

But the authority seems to be little concerned that the local community, the habitat experts and the conservationists have all rejected the project. With a handful of its fellow agencies still on the booster club, the authority can claim a kind of support. But that support reveals the project for what it is: unsustainable pork-barrel spending at a time when the taxpayer and ratepayer can no longer bear it.