Monday, August 16, 2010

Tea Party SCHIZ

Here's a post EPStolarion sent as commentary to an article on the growing prevalence of 'Tea Party' enthusiasts accusing each other of 'misrepresenting the brand.  She makes the under-commented-upon point that the Tea Party - and indeed, other parties - don't really have a coherent brand, dispite being 'branded' by their enemies! :~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~

It's not at all surprising that the Tea Party is now being stirred by open accusations of imposters, dissemblers and hollow opportunists. It has always been thus with every political party, from the 'leading lights' on down.

This has been more obvious from the start with the Tea Party than with most other American political movements, recalling the wildly disparate swellings against draconian rule (made by ruthless controllers) of rather simple-minded monarchs in 1790s France and WWI Russia.

Of course, all attempts at e pluribus unum make strange bedfellows, but the oil and water of the Tea Party seems to be, on one side: Conspiracy theorists who loathe all ruling elites, wars, warmongers, financiers, demagogues and Globalists; utterly and equally distrust 'our Two Parties' as fused fingers of an international Establishment / World Corporate State,,, And all politicians! On the other side are those who all too often seem as given to pseudo-epiphanies of 'truthiness', Sarahdolatry and zombie dittoheadedness toward proselytizers of Chaneyesque Military-Industrial hive-being orthodoxy as the Party's mockers caricaturize them.

Yet both elements may be 'Fortress America', or separatist-ish, or of antique tradition, or other things which make them bond, without being inclined to militancy, plots, bigotry, or any other Handmaid's Tale-like dread vision of their attackers.

Those in the Tea Party now might more logically drift into other or new parties better suited to their differences, but, for the time being, their growing power is not just (disgruntled swarms of heritage-minded Americans) pouring into it to swim in the cup of wrath, but by HAVING VALID POINTS hardly expressed elsewhere!


  1. Still true, but the Tea Party Movement seens to be in the process of being taken over by the loonies at avalanche speed, and the loonies are split-minded in their own alleged desires.

    What is it when they can accept a candidate who presents herself as the apostle of (somewhat coercive) sexual abstinence but giggles about fooling around with a date on a bloody satanic altar, and who espouses Creationism yet believes that scientists have created mice with 'fully functioning human brains'?

    What kind of 'thinking' is it to howl at corporate bailouts and giving over our economy to foreigners while at the same time demanding Chaney-Bush socialism-for-the-globalist-super-rich, and absolutely demonizing trade unions?

    How can they possibly think they honor (-Jesus-!and) the unborn, or protect children when they go Sharia-lite on civil rights, refuse the needy (from food stamps to securing the infrastructure), and idolize sending our material wealth and our children's lives and souls into the Moloch-pit of endless war?

  2. P.S.
    Historically, it makes me think of the Communistic co-options of what had started as rational and salubrious reform movements of the past: Cromwell's tyranny, Jacobins and Bosheviks and all their bloody heirs. RED-staters, indeed!!