Saturday, March 12, 2011

In an Apocalyptic Mood...

Stream of cracked-dam consciousness:

Record earthquake in Japan with tsunamis all over the Pacific (arrived or coming soon; same with 'inestimable damage') and serious damage to multiple nukes with possibilties of global radiation-cloud catastrophes.

America held hostage by insatiable demonic fascist globalist plutocrats and their lemming-zombie hordes -(I paraphrase, invoke and illustrate: Christine O'Donnell / 'fully functioning' rodent brains in humans...maybe that's what make them think they're so superlatively the victims; the persecuted, that all complaints beyond their own must be the fault of the sufferers; that God must be Teaching a Lesson to the ungrateful bloated parasitic perverted pagan pod-people luxurious layabout leftist nazi nasty anti-gun antiwar crudbum commie [Holly-] weirdo Who Stubbornly See Things Differently Than the Rattlesnake Flag Tea Party and their American Exceptionalism Special Dispensation inside-out-and-backwards interpretation of the Holy Bible and [note to the Teep-indoctrinated: separate entity:] Constitution of the United States) and by the MSNBC -type pundits and dittoheads, equally as mindlessly and hypocritically self-righteous when doing the knee-jerk genuflection to abortion and the 'multiculturalism' that says How Dare You Say 'Invasive Aliens' Even If You Mean Plants and Then It's Still Crypto-KKK Rude and Besides Which Aliens and Even Sharia Court Beliefs Cannot Possibly Do Damage Here. In between: Waffling weenie POTUS. It's contagious: Sometimes you can't blame him; sometimes you really can!

Topping the news: More on Charlie Sheen!!!!!!

Our infrastructure is an everywhere-disaster-waiting-to-happen and I'm stuck in the (dam) middle of all kindsa Potential Catastrophes... -No! Wait! Like Pluto being de-planet-ated, like this Great Depression II being downgraded to Climbing Out of an (Um) Pretty Serious Recession, the Prez said the Japanese Earthquake was potentially 'catastrophic'. I guess this was clarified by the Ploughshares guy on Rachel Maddow who said the worst case scenario for subsequent nuclear disaster could be much worse than all the shakin' & tsunami afflictions. Congratulations on your upgrade, word 'Catastrophe'. Boy, 'Cataclysm' must be Top Outa Sight!!

Maybe t'was the year after year of endless wars and weather horrors - and horror as the favored form of entertainment - that upped the ante.

Then there's personal/family health, income and infrastructure. =Sigh= =Waaaaah!=

I usually don't buy into the apocalyptic mindfork cropp, but today I'm in the mood to see The Birds, especially the old Irish guy who says complacently, 'it's the end of the World'. Ah. (LaVerne and Shirley fans may remember when Shirley settled down in the haunted house [after hysteria]: 'LaVerne, I am at PEACE.' And I always love Magnolia. Really, doesn't it seem just about the ripe time to RAIN FROGS????

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