Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glorious New Year's Skies

Belated blog halleluJahs to God for providing - at least for us in the eastern L.A. County/OC region, peacefully spectacular skies for New Year's day:  First, what is popularly called a 'blue moon'~a second full moon in a calendar month:  It wasn't actually blue,unless you count the iron-grey fur color called 'blue' in animals, but it was often that, through the hazy clouds, and stayed soft-edged, nimbused and appeared more than twice its size all through the night and next morning, the way you usually only see full moons as they rise in the East.  Then they're gold, and soon appear smaller, 'normal'; moonstone-white... But this stayed grey-kitten soft, even high in the West, when the western sky took on tones of purple, from deep lilac to crimson, at what was, in the East, perhap the most awesome, glorious dawn I'v seen in my several decades.  Not to be described.  All colors were there in majestic slow waft of pellucid, prismatic water molecules in many cloud-forms and transparent mist.  When sunset came, the mountains to the northeast were blushed with alpenglow, the much-needed new snow, both in the nearer San Gabriel Range, especially beloved 10,064 ft. Mt. San Antonio ('Old Baldy'), and the farther San Bernardinos with 11, 485 ft. Mt. San Gorgonio, softly gleaming ice-pink, while the just-past-solstice Sun and clouds made another wondrous show of autumn-leaves-colors turned to swaths and sparkles of  pure light in the southwest.  Again, thank You, Lord God Almighty.  We pray that it may be a good omen, and we worthy of it, but if not, may we retain the peace and gratitude of Thy lights and every benediction to comfort our hearts in all times:  In Jesus Name, so be it.     

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