Saturday, January 23, 2010

American Poor: Foot-Dangling Over Our Own Graves

...As if we could afford graves!  I live in a mostly comfy, if falling-apart and only partly heated, house that's almost as old as I am.  I have no health insurance, and don't care to have it, since the insurers and their make-mafiosos-look-like-choirboys, passive-(and otherwise!) aggressive, coolly sadistic extortionist medicos already took everything, from those infant-torturing experiments to more subtle mindfx and making my family and I pay ever greater $$$$$$ for ever greater malpractice and other insults.  I eat really well for someone whose innards are all messed up.  I am almost always dollarless if not literally penniless.  Old, crippled and crunched in so many ways--and, yes, this dependent (='Useless Eater' by Fabians, Nazis, Club of Rome-rs, etc.) is using a borrowed computer on a dependent screenname.  Yet I am one of the Lucky Ones by World standards, I really do have so much, by World standards, especially for being among those who like the idea of being invisible since that is so much better than being a cootie-statistic, an oh,-I-don't-want-to-become-That, that the better off pass by.  I can even earn my keep through work in dependent state, if not in the wage system, and hike a bit in gangland-bumland or even better places when I can save up for local one shot bus fare.

So, God bless the Haitians, who have been in appalling need as long as there's been history recorded there (at least), and God bless everyone else of all the nations, species and diversities of afflictions ever.

Is it sin to draw back with vast dread suspicion, and indeed wonder, at all these illustrious plutocrats, entitlistas, bling-bingers, warmongers and war profiteers* begging the rest of us for Money to Help?  The CLINTON-BUSH Relief Fund!!????!!  They who had the keys to the unused federal warehouses (stretching across the plains over the horizon (as seen on 60 Minutes some years back); they who caused still-rolling tidal waves of death, destruction, disgrace, fascism and agony only God can measure?  If I had aught to give...Would I?

*And might this crazy weather and earthquakes have come from those weapons of which conspiracy theorist so often speak?   


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