Thursday, March 4, 2010

LiveAid > Live Ammo, Dead Bodies

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF 'LIVE AID' DOLLARS intended for starving innocents in Ethiopia were taken by rebels, disguised as merchants (middlemen?  Apparently.  Oh yeah, right, like that's gonna work!!), who then used the money to buy the technology of destruction, dismenberment, death, and the other dastardly Ds damned deviltry dotes on.  It's an old story, whether the 'charitable organizations' were fakes from the beginning, or whether they were 'real', but got duped or stolen from.  Perhaps you were one of those dear little tykes given, what was in your hearts (and for the better training of your superegos), the desire to eschew candy to request money on Hallowe'en for UNICEF... Only to be told, by some of the more informed, thus solicited, that (No, I'm sorry, honey, but) UNICEF money  and food largely gets into the hands of ruthless killers whose fights and bullying caused the conditions that led to the childrens' horrid miseries in the first place. 'The UN is just not careful enough, and some of the countries in it want the UNICEF money to be stolen by the dictators or rebels, and the blue helmet UN Forces much more often attract fire to the refugees they're supposed to help, rather than protect them.  Sorry to have to tell you this, kids.  You're very good to want to help people, but you have to be very careful:  Not all so-called charities are good or wise'.

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