Friday, February 26, 2010

Blue Gold: Privatizing Public Water

Check out these local manifestation comments on what are symptoms of problems of vast application as the Globalist Corporate State continuing to Juggernaut over America:

 Relief from the Concrete: Agency ignores community, ok's unpopular project
Ohhhh....Bama, you were supposed to be a break from the long slide of America into the insatiable jaws of  big international corporations devastating small businesses and public health-&-rights while they guzzled our re-directed taxes at the same time, and the late rollover to Clinton/Cheney (always assuming GWB as a mindforked tool, of course) warmongering fascism, but what we've had on your watch thus far has been all the good promises dried up and crushed like autumn leaves; beauty to dust and rot.  You are not as in-your-face mockingly smug as your last two predecessors in your hypocrisy, but (1) Propping up and honoring the monsters who made the current Great Depression II, (2) Letting the Heath Care debate and legislation turn from Public Option to 'Private Mandate'=public slavery to the damnable extortionists of the Insurance-Medical Establishment, (3) Expanded WAR, while letting off Halliburton, Blackwater/Xe Services, foreign government torturers-for-hire and other abominable, America-destroying war profiteers, and (4, though not the last) turning promises of green businesses inside out and backward to promote NUKES, and their multi-millenial, mega-massive poisoning of the Earth and her children!  These shout to your SHAME.   

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