Saturday, April 24, 2010

Restoring Oglalla and other watersheds

a.k.a "Time, Water Running Out for Ogallala, America's Biggest Aquifer"

At least since Jimmy Carter, we've had prezzies and other high hoo-haws, even (uhhhh, the advertising departments? of) globocrat fossil fuels companies saying we needed to go green, clean, naturally renewable, conserving and locally produced. They're all for it when they're running for / entering / leaving office, or trying to obfuscate what they're really up to, which is, of course, continuing to ruin things by neglect and aggression.

I've said the following for decades. I don't expect it to happen, I expect dooooooooom and disaster and damnation (no, not Eternal Punishment from the infinite moloch deluded blastphemers mistake for Jesus the Savior and Reconciler of ALL, but the predictable consequences of doing BAD...Which so often seem to hit the relatively innocent first...but I believe will finally catch up to the perps, even if it's when the roll is called up yonder and we are all then given to understand our own and everyone else's lives, deeds, circumstances, wishes, inclinations and effects. What envy of the humble, then!)...Because what I propose runs drastically counter to (at least some elements of the varied and vying material and manipulative profits of) present institutions of power, whether 'establishment' or 'revolutionary'.  But IMAGINE:

If we acted like fossil fuel and nuclear power would just be impossible in a very short time from now, and rejected the usual satanic stratagems of war & crime - wiping out, invading/leach-colonizing, stealing from, enslaving, etc., and put our efforts and resources into free, clean energy, including the mighty stuff that's hardly considered now, like tidal power (Dude! the biggest hydro dams in the World --and what we need are series of small dams which support life and safety, instead of getting in the way of them!-- are nothin' compared to the potential of the Sea of Cortez!), the wonderful discoveries of George Washington Carver, and the now-wasted (from teapots to trains to trash, and beyond!) unfathomable quantity of heat and energy produced by stuff all over the place in what is now considered energy and resource use.

And the nations of the World decide to TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN, AT HOME. GROW OUR OWN, MAKE OUR OWN, EMPLOY OUR OWN. Imagine if WARBUX went to helping migrating and outsourcing horde-nations have viable economies of their own. Imagine if the Arab World, aided by Israel and Uncle Sugar, had INSTEAD directed the energy and resources given over to war-mentality and had given a GREENED and beautifully infrastructured Sinai to the Palestinians!

And now, to get really un-PC: (Painless as possible) sterilizing and de-lusting criminals (including really sunk drug addicts), and especially those who behave criminally toward children, as well as those with deeply cruel congenital deformities and diseases, or those definitely and permanently unable to care for children, is not Nazi (unless it's done, as Margaret Sanger and other pretenders-to-Science who inspired Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. proposed in the name of 'eugenics', but loaded with criteria from their own totalitarian bigotries), it's a rational response to a rolling pandemic disaster on children.  Sterilizing and (and/or de-lusting ought to be provided free of charge to any adult who wants such things... Also for their pets, and for ferals/strays.

We need to make employee wages and hours and job security so that, once again (speaking of the past ideal-but-often-real), there can be family members who are not directly paid by wage-employers who are considered as of equal value to the family and larger society, as homemakers. Any/if any sexual relationship or other gender issue should be aside from this, and the homemaker should have rights regarding personal finances and possessions that would keep him or her from slavelike dependency.

We need to have the option of freedom from media assaults and from sheer noise. We have horribly acquiesced to being stripped truly meaningful privacy and First Amendment rights while knuckling under to blastings of torture-porn and gangsta wallowings from ambient electronics, as well as the nonverbal torments of power tools and machinery. It is outrageous dissembly to pretend that we can simply leave the presence of such things any more. To do so would require living deep underground in a protected rural area or some at-least-equally-imprisoning equivalent.  It is that which assaults which should be contained!

And (in the absence of the will of foreigners to stay in their own countries), think of the native employment we would have if we in the U.S., or many other nations afflicted with haemorrhages and embolisms of immigrants, built multi-use, clean-power-making and clean-power using sea- and other-water reclamation canals, reservoir-lakes, and other barriers along the borders, with permanent guard, maintenance and countless other jobs that would bloom with the same. Pipelines facilitating such excavated wetlands could also bring fresh water (cleaning out holding places when necessary) to the very many dry lakes of the U.S. Intermountain West and Northern Mexico, as well as refilling the natural cisterns of dry aquifers and such things as exhausted mines and petroleum and natural gas strata.

A 'socialist' New Deal project, huh? Do you like your taxes going to war profiteers and baleouts for 'Too Big to Fails' ='socialism' for the insatiables who keep devouring you - more?

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