Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SYMBOLISM LINKS - Art, Occult, Conspiracy, etc.

Wow, WIKICOMPANY presents itself as an all-about-businesses specializing alternative to Wikipedia, but look at what I found:  It also has further pages like,
and so  forth - apparently these pages are the same as the Parts I-XVII links found on each page. The '911' titles suggest a relatively narrow scope; this is misleading.  What is presented is, rather, an illustrated dictionary of symbols with a conspiracy-theorists' commentary.  This material is fascinating for thinkers of all sorts, even if you don't buy the slant/spin, and a great resource for artists, especially graphic designers.  Homeschooling parents should review the material and provide ongoing guidance to children so that they can learn to separate actual factoids from opinion and agendae, and come to understand that symbolism may be used as an extremely powerful motivating force -often subconsciously - but that symbols and symbolism cannot be corralled, contained and controlled within individual minds or the 'mass psyche'. Anyhow...  This stuff is worthy of bookmarking, filing, etc.  Give it a look!  I'm going to be exploring...    

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