Sunday, October 17, 2010

Too Many Obits: Gallery 2010 as All Souls Approaches

Started this blog attentive of obituary salutes and trying to stay away from whining and snarling and politics~ have failed bigtime at both... But here's a link to a picture gallery of some famous deceased in this year so far.  A few perhaps would have been 'better to have had millstones attached to their necks and been drowned in the depths of the sea' than to have caused the harm they did, but most of them, ahhhhh... You were a part of our lives; a good and willing exchange of life and energy.  Your ghosts, and so very many other friendly phantoms, ever welcome in the spacious tabernacles of our tattered hearts:  Take another piece of our hearts with you to those everlasting green pastures of blissful peace!!!

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