Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scariest Movie in America

"Crumbling of America" "History Channel" - Forestle search = about 3,490.


This documentary is the most truly horrifying movie in America. Combine the mega-disasters of Katrina-Rita, firestorms across the world in recent years, the BP spill and the toll of our Middle Eastern wars, and that still would be relatively trivial compared to the only-a-matter-of-time global catastrophe, hydra-headed threat to our CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE.

For at least the last 40 years, presidential candidates have been promising 'elect me and I'll fix the infrastructure' (while 'creating jobs for Americans', 'getting free of [foreign-at-least] fossil fuel dependency', stopping pollution, etc.), and blowing it all to the wind in favor of war, 'wars' over tax-break favoritism, and endless campaigning once they're actually in office. We citizens, en masse, show our concern by hanging on every detail of meta-addicted plutocrat poptarts' latest court-plea fashion statements--

And let the TRILLIONS of dollars, billions of tons of materials, and armies of manpower we need to fix it get devoured in foreign lands and in outrageous wanton waste here at home.

It would not be good enough to to really be righteous if we put our hideous, awesomely vulnerable power grid (poles, skeletal 'towers', etc., ever more cable-webworking out the sky and necessitating the mangling or eradication of our life-giving urban forest) underground (with all manner of security protocols actually employing competent loyal natural American citizens), and dredge out dams below depths that make them such downstream flood hazards, while using the soil and rock removed to (with more advanced construction engineering, free-energy onsite electrical safety/warning devices, etc.,) raise levees, thicken fill-dam walls, fill sinkholes, berm erosion, restore islands, and such, but it would be immeasurably better than what we have been doing - or not doing, unless you consider IGNORING LIKELY APOCALYPTIC DANGERS an 'activity'.

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