Monday, November 29, 2010

Reason behind the Wikileak?

Cherchez la 'Deep Throat'!  Such fuss over the latest big Wikileak (valid if it actually endangers innocent and well-meaning folk a la the Valerie Plame outing) - otherwise, give us a break.  Shades of Mike Wallace's weekly shocked, shocked-I-say indignation-fits on the old 60 Minutes.  Who, with a passing familiarity of history, Machiavelli, or even adventure novels and screen-stuff, would really find occasion to make O-mouths on what has always been not-for-publication realpolitik-as-usual?

Don't really believe Julian Assange, Aussie hacker-king with Eurotrash affect to match his name, got all that stuff on his own, didja?  Don't think he'd really get away with what he does with nothing more than a couple of highly-doubtful Scandy-candy adult-molestation charges, doya?

Somebody(s) on the inside of keeping secrets had to have arranged it all.  If traitors - you could turn around the Starship Enterprise in that hole in security and sail it to Oz decked in Christmas lights... Or, it was INTENTIONAL by allegedly-our-side:

This article may be The Reason Why:  a.k.a
Click here: WikiLeaks builds case against Iran - by David Frum.

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