Saturday, December 4, 2010

Condemning Helen Thomas

Click here: Wayne State University Scraps Helen Thomas Award After Remarks About 'Zionists'

Helen Thomas is as Semitic as any Israeli. 'Semite' derives from Old Testament usage: See Genesis 10 and 1 Chronicles 1. It is given as one of the 3 post-diluvian root races of mankind, the others being 'Japhetic' and 'Hamitic'. What we think of as physical markers of 'race' nowadays NEVER properly applied to this, though there have been ages of ignorant and maliciously agendaed misapplications to that notion. These very Biblical accounts show that these 'races' mixed from prehistoric times. These racial terms became applied, with ironically UNscientific promiscuity, by 'linguistic scientists' to language groups, which much further tangled and perverted 'scientific' study of race (at the same time that the money was all on conquest and colonialism). 'Japhetic' had been used for 'Euroid' and 'Mongoloid' racial types and thus didn't work for languages; pseudochristian racists took the linguistic term 'Aryan' (originally Caspian nomads of a warlike bent who GOT AROUND and even left us with the names 'Iran' and 'Erin'), a.k.a. 'Indo-European', ditched the mahogany-skinned Indics from the equation, and worked on a mythology of Nordic Vedic primordial superfolk that Hitler combined with 'population control' and turned into monstrous bloody 'scientific' doctrine...

...With results so horrific - and within living memory - that one dares not posit (for instance) that the principles of social control delineated in 'the Protocols' (no matter how strongly and eloquently the same may argue that they were FALSELY attributed to a 'Jewish Conspiracy') have actually been effected, or that there is no difference in criticizing (a) Zionism (b) the State of Israel (c) any individual Jews, Jewish sodalities, or even any politicians, preachers, etc., friendly to anything that might be considered 'Jewish interests'... Without the one who so dares to speak risking (EVEN IF THE DARER IS JEWISH) of being 'anti-Jewish' or the term that is ridiculous when applied to speakers of the Semitic tongue Arabic, or from the 'racial' heritage of the ancient lands most associated with the 'Children of Shem' (the Near East), 'anti-Semitic'.

This problem of intelligent discourse on matters vital to the World goes far beyond PC wrangling on 'is it all right to say the N word or the Q work or the C word if it's about your own group?' Any rational and fair-minded person can see that, if there is a bad ol' Milton Friedman there's a courageous Naomi Klein, and for every war-profiteering financier with a Jewish name there have been innumerable Jewish philanthropists and innocent scapegoat-victims of every level of bigotry.

Jews, like Italians, can justly claim an extra - even DOMINANT - measure, among humanity, of being excellent in all things. They have excelled in good things, but also, some of them, in evil things as well. For all they have rendered to the World, Italians, Chinese, Arabs, British, Indians, Americans, etc., have been both properly praised and censured. This is JUST. Whether 'Caesar's wives' in history or the Turkish government in the present day, the idea that something must be 'beyond reproach' turned into a euphemism for 'above the law' only works to put the worst things that might be attributed to some in the protected group into such a spotlight (whether from righteously indignant revelators or from maliciously self-righteous hypocrites) that all the good from the protected is shrivelled and covered in shade. One can hardly even say how successful (those separate entities) Jews and Israel have been, without a question of having said it as resentfully as Arab-American Thomas. This morbid excess of protection has woefully fed the filthy virus of hatred resurging against Jews and Israel and their friends today.

For Goodness's sake, let us all just try to be FAIR.

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