Monday, December 20, 2010

Highjack Nation: Politics '10

This has been the year of the highjack. Not foreign terrorists - thinking enemies of the US realize they needn't devastate 'their' folk in other lands just to have our lives and resources wasted by wars modeled on the Vietnam 'conflict' ('our' of course here meaning the majority of US citizens, not the globalist plutocrats who make incalulably great worldly profits), yet without the naive fear-faith in the Domino Theory or the misguided (deals with the devil; Moloch-sacrifices) agendae of promoting prosperity and full employment, paying for the Great Society, and making disciplined (or dead) men out of 'matriarchially raised' delinquents. If you really hate the real US, what could give you more glee than beholding it bleeding with exquisite but inexorable slowness, the osmotic haemorrhage at the borders and the transfusion of our strength to the new Free Trade/New Liberalism/NAFTA plutocrats of foreign slave labor sweatshops and industrialized farms and forests. Peruse these examples:

 Click here: "highjacked the Tea Party" - Forestle

You get the idea.  Try some searches yourself. 
The elected Teeps are galloping for pork for their own troughs; they've already wallowed in 'special interest' and freelance lobbyist lucre to get elected.  Rand Paul has traded Daddy's old antiwar libertarianism for loopy AquaBuddha gun-thuggery (Ms Palin's also handy with a truncheon).  Michelle Bachman is a crankup-tape robo-zombie... there's Mouse-Brain Girl, and so many more.
So much more from Bam, too.  What a record!  I'm waiting for him to twist the rails on the DADT repeal somehow, just to be consistent in taking his election platform sworn principles and turning them into the mail-order cures used by Wile E. Coyote.  HOPE?  Bye-bye.  Here comes the anvil and the express train!   

You get the idea. Try search variations. Happy happy! ~>gag<~

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