Saturday, January 15, 2011

'Admission' Day

The Tucson Shooting has elicited such  inappropriate, wanton grandstanding and other unseemly display that many of us find it much more of which to be sick 'n' tired than the everpresent plague-storm of common barrel-bottom profanity...To the point that we can begin to think fondly of strung-out-over-the-abyss Linda Partridge's command (via Julianne Moore in Magnolia -remember?) to her lawyer to Just Shut the %^(# Up.   But, for all the misuse to which rabid partisans and issue-obsessives put them, we do have to deal with matters like abortion, war, gun ownership and use, and whether we become safer or more endangered by monitoring the (allegedly, contextually) mentally disturbed / oddballs, and 'doing something about them'.
How gracious it would be if we could agree to have at least one day a year in which we could all agree that these issues and more are extremely complex, that widely differing sides each have compelling arguments for their inclinations, that masses of us change our minds (often more than once) on them as we learn more, and that (though there are people who embrace bad positions for no other 'reason' than viciousness), holding opinions that are at odds with our own doesn't make those holders bad people, or us better.
A general confession.  An 'Admission' Day.

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