Monday, January 17, 2011

Cold Comfort, Hot Madness

Among no doubt many other things in the news of which it would be kinder never to (have to?) hear:

'Baby Doc' Duvalier came back to Haiti, welcomed and cheered (at least by his old literal and metaphorical military, privileged, and other goons, and their still-advantaged offspring.

Men in North Africa are setting themselves on fire to protest their governments' poor handing of uh, the poor (after which they have, it seems, mostly been rescued-as-much-as-possible by police and gov workers and put into public hospitals).

I'm wondering if B.D. might try for election or more pre-emptive forms of recovering power:  He has, after all, kept Haiti's wealth (such as it's ever been, post-colonial) safe in his and the late-if-not-late-soon-enough Papa Doc's Swiss bank accounts.  He could run on these slogans:  'The Ton Ton Macoutes kept away earthquakes!' Or 'Our biggest exports, Voodoo Economics and ZOMBIES, are the greatest powers in the World today! ~ perfected by les Duvaliers!!    

There are actually some people and places in the world who can even now make Americans seem sorta sane by comparison...Even Americans in the blogsphere or reality/pundithead TV!

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