Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the Birth of Revelation

Well, today the Prez 'finally' released his Legendary Long Form Birth Certificate.  The Republicans have responded with, among other things, Taking Credit for Having Forced This Supremely Necessary Revelation, saying that It Was Faked, saying that the White House Is Using This - and invented the issue - for Smoke & Mirrors (several versions).

Fast-forward through the obvious counters like Why Couldn't the FN-White-House-Already have Produced the 'Fake' Instantly????  And the next loads, like Obama Musta Gotten Everyplace By Affirmative Action Free Passes from Shadowy Alien Plotters.  O ye Teeps of little imagination!  Catch up!  Isn't it obbbbbbvious that the Halfrican with the Funny Moose-limb name has waited so long to settle the birth certificate bit so that EVERYONE would look at the document?  Never mind that it has numbers we don't understand that may, if you bend 'em 'm' mix 'em just right, add up to the Masonic Kabbalistic Bible Code Number of the BEEESST?  (remember to close your eyes, stop your ears and hum loudly when anyone mentions what FOX adds up to in  alphabetic [the  cannibalistic pagan Hawaiian alphabet doesn't have as many letters as the American alphabet!] and touchpad numerology).  Never mind that the official that affirmed that the certificate was, um, official has a name that shares most letters with 'Obama'.  Go right to the heart!  Look at the name of 'Hussein's' mother:  (1) It never says that his mother is or was a female, dispite the truthy-filled gonna-be-fact that Donald Trump's zillion$ will be able to prove that Hawaiians have anciently insisted that Mothers Be Female Unless They Are Seahorses. And if he doesn't, Glenn Beck will demand and get proof from the Almighty*. (2) His Mother is-or-was obviously a MALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What does this mean, America?  Ism't it obvious?  The Prezdint and his Daaarrk Cabal's next move is forcing every child in the USA, K-to-Grad School, Public to Private to Homeschool, to read (or have read to them, with GRAPHIC graphics!!) and admire Our President Has Two DADDYS! 

Or you could just, on the 'alien' front, wonder how Donald (*a name that means 'Lord of All') Trump (a word that means a loud brass instrument, or, by  Irish allusion, fulminating flatulence) has hair that defies all nature and gravity.

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