Sunday, August 28, 2011

THIRD (and more) PARTIES: A REAL Venue for Hope

Click here: How Ron Paul Could Save Obama FrumForum#more-102358
Dumb damn old whine about how any at-all-popular candidate not from what 'Mister Veedle' justly calls The Bank Party ~ Democrats and Republicans, boo-hoo-hoo ruins it for the Establishment puppet-'bots We All Should Want.

But here's the noble TommyO's comment:

I love it.  It's so me - except for having faith in Ron Paul:  He has his own imperfections, like anyone; on top of that, he's a politician, and, this might not be his fault, but his son acts like a goofball with a thug posse...And Ron just has not been embarrassed enough.

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