Sunday, August 28, 2011

Disgraceful MLK Statue

MLK as antique vowelless Semitic = 'Moloch'*?  No, dispite appearances, this misbegotten sculpture in a style that hybridizes that of ancient inferno-idols with those colossi of 20th-Century self-deified tyrants is just 'Part Two' to the Final Insult Memorial to WWII Veterans made by an Austrian Albert Speer wannabe in pure 3rd Reich NeoKlassik style.  Made in China by a former sculptor of Mao idols.  Maybe MLK in this case is a version of MKUltra, the most notorious of US government-blessed mindforks.  Yet another 'swallow it, citizen scumsuckers! America(ns) cannot do anything!'

I've seen innumerable still and moving photographic images of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Whether you think he was a pure saint or a clever demagogue, he had a magnificent talent for appearances and would not -did not - allow himself to go about scouling like Mr Grumpy when the nasty neighborhood whelps left a flaming bag of dogdoo on his front steps.  Who can think that he'd want to be 'immortalized' in granite that way?  

*Yes, I know it means 'King'.  

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