Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gee, Oh Pee! Candidate Shuffle

I've been late in posting; just as well when I can't keep up with the hoof-in-mouth adventures of politicos out there. Lots of reshuffling of players, lately.

Some will remember the manipulative games the media played during the last few months of Bush (Sr.) - Clinton - Perot. The pundits, publishers and poll-controllers would give each candidate turns of ascendancy for about 3 weeks, musical-chairs switcheroo & over again. Was That Agency or Something Like It really after Perot's daughter? Nuff to have him say so and sound dippy, and hero Stockdale to be incoherent... Like Nixon's enemies back-when:  Really more subtle than what happened to Bobby Kennedy and George Wallace and Wallace's wives. A pure repetition of the Wallace woes on another too-warm 3rd-party contender and people might get suspicious. But the R-D Bank Party cloven hoof must not stumble, nor the Cassandra who warned against NAFTA and the burgeoning slag-mountain of debt go unsacrificed!

Games are still being played, but it may be that there is no longer any need for sudden mindforks... When so much of both the electorate and their candidates are zomboid, schizoid and as ready to render and accept the grossest hypocrisies as certifiable pathological liars. Here are some searches. I started with Ms Entertainment Misinformation, then the Globalist Opportunist Pimps:

Click here: "Bachmann watch" - Google Search

Click here: "GOP candidates watch" - Google Search

But the most fun of all - in the last few days, anyway - has been the GOP Back Room Boys' hysterical scramble to try to run Chris Christie up their flagpole the moment Herman Cain won a Florida poll.  And now the fat man* won't sing, and erstwhile saint Sarah's said no, too.  Hey, what if it's true:  Once they've had black (even with a lot of cream, apparently!) they won't go back... Or maybe America is gonna just keep on tryin' till we get DENNIS HAYSBERT or MORGAN FREEMAN.  You know they're what we really want!
*There is nothing wrong with cuddly!!! 

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