Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What F-Word?

Click here: Bono: The F Word

Bono argues that the truly obscene F-word is FAMINE, and no decent being could argue that, but let's consider the eFFing traditional word, and its original meaning: FOLKing, that which tends to produce more folk.  People in a situation (which, arguably, is the whole WORLD right now, need to not produce folk - little, tender, helpless, innocent folk whom the wretched present situation is likely to lead into desperate, tormenting need, innumerable brutalities and corruption.  The times are so bad, it's a bad time to bring a little trustafarian into the world at the family estate on a lovely private lake in the 'First World'; it's sheer horror guaranteed to bring one into Somalia.

Why do 'they' do it?  It's a biological imperative:  Sexual desire is a delirious fever that makes almost everyone crazed, heedless, stupid; compulsively overridden.  Who has not given in when their better selves have said NO?  And all it takes is once.  If it's unbearable to the advantaged, how much more to those who have no other comfort?   And, in Somalia and so much of the EFFING WORLD, men define themselves by sex-act dominance and begetting, forcing women...

In times like these, perhaps we should ask if FAITH, as the holiest F-word, ought rather to come behind FOOD and even FIX, as in 'have your pets FIXED!!!

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