Sunday, December 4, 2011

'Commerials' vs. ATM Fees

Governments constrict, restrict, compel, commandeer, conscript and corrupt their citizens as 'the price of freedom'.  The medical industry extorts, experiments and tortures patients, expecting from them not only crippling and sometimes impossible fees, but thanks and reverence.  BANKS supposedly exist primarily to hold safe the money and valuables of those who use them, taking in exchange a chance to use this massed lucre to play it prudently in  low-risk, high-earning ventures, sharing profits with those whose money they hold.  But now they hold YOUR money hostage, gamble wildly with it, and make you pay ruthless ransom to release any of it back to you -and take the taxes you paid for the ostensible services of your government (even if they are foreign or super-national) to 'save' them as of unquestionably, untouchably vital to the world.

Click here: Clinton Townsend's ATM Fee Fix: Watch Ads Instead Of Paying Charge    

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