Thursday, December 8, 2011

Naive About Bigotry

I didn't think someone as vehemently against aliens taking US Citizens' jobs, as pro-moratorium-on-ALL-except-worst-case-refugee-immigration, and as approving of some kinds of TSA-type 'profiling' as I* would be all that naive about remaining bigotry entrenched in this country.  Can even I be all that Left Coast multiculturalist? :

Item 1:  (BTW:  I am an old female used to be 20-30 lbs overweight [but carried it well:  Muscles & bazooms! now deflated/gone south] throughout adulthood but now 'the right weight' through the old-fashioned way: Poverty and illness.  I was never a chubby-chaser, except from the perverted POV of the 'can't be too thin' sticks-for-brains.)  Found out that there's an overwhelming prejudice against 'big'/'plus size'/portly men - or even lowfat big muscle-y guys!  Outside of erotic fat fetishism (& I didn't go there!) there is simply no recognition online that big (except tall stringbeans) men can be handsome.  BUT THEY SOOOOOOO CAN!!!  Image search fashion houses for plus sizes and such, and they'll still show you jackets made for planks.  Try 'handsome fat man' and the best you can get are affectionate pix of well-padded tomcats.  WTF?!  'Give me some men who are stout-hearted men...'  Have we already forgotten those 9/11 heroes, so often real-life grey and girthy (with 'too much' nose and 'too little' chin and unlovely skin...)?  I want to be able to see (fully and nicely dressed, in gentlemanly situations) you BHMs with 60-inch chests.  From 'pixel pundits' to rappers to athletes and opera stars, you're obviously out there.  Why in the name of Santy Claus can you not be recognized as nice-looking men????!!!

Item 2:  National coverage of Rick Perry's Iowa campaign ads saying what a Christian he is (fortunately for him, Iowa's not 'the Show Me State'!) as opposed to Obama's 'anti-religious agenda.'  It took me some time to figure out what that meant.  Couldn't fly on old settled stuff like school prayer and abortion, except for morons who don't realize what was (a) long settled (b) untouched by Bam (c) no FN business of the Prezdint anyhow.  Obviously wasn't the real Christian pacifist and/or progressive and/or populist view of BHO as a Trojan Horse for Goldman Sachs 'n' all.  Oh.  It's the GAAAAAAAY thing!  Even though Bam doesn't support gay marriage, and he footdragged on repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, he hasn't had his panties in a paranoid bunch over the fear and horror and supreme danger of some people doing what is elsewhere hailed as Socially Responsible Stuff - which they kept on doing, de facto, anyway - LEGITMATELY.  Oh!  CODE-SPEAK.  =}}gag{{= !!  What kinda 'New Testament' those people readin', anyway?       

*And yes, admittedly 'having kooties' toward so much that is the culture of China...

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