Saturday, November 7, 2009

'Edit Posts' doesn't work for me

That's the message, basically, so my posts will likely continue to be crude, though I hope not in a nasty way.  When I went to the 'Edit Posts' page and summoned up my (till this is published, my first and only) post, as soon as I highlighted the portions I wanted to change, the page flipped back to the original Edit Posts list page...repeatedly. A Blogger article entitled 'How do I edit my own posts' apparently no longer exists, and scouting the various 'Help' options reminded me of US war policy of the last 60 years:  Stuck in Big Muddy and delving ever deeper.  Oh!  And trying this post on the 'Preview' window scares up something that looks different than what I wrote/am writing in 'New Posts', and won't change.    Fooey.  Fie. Gentle Reader, you have been warned.  God bless you.     

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