Monday, November 9, 2009

Michael Jackson and Mythology

An old (Feb. '03) post of mine to Google Groups:  alt.mythology.  Still food for myth-fans' thoughts:
The man* has made the theme of his post-'The Jacksons!' work--and, perhaps, life: TO BE BEYOND GRASP.

I am by no means assuming criminal behavior on his part...Or even 'multiple personalities' in the classic pathological sense of quite separated 'selves' in a single body which might be ignorant of each others' sensations, thoughts and actions. I think that MJ might hold his purpose in life to be an example of something else: Other choices, and of being caught, but not quite.

It is possible that he is a father via sperm donation, but may technically be a virgin. He may be a child molester, a 'Smooth Criminal', 'Bad', and metaphorically a zombie, a pardanthrope, a ghost, and a self-deifying demagogue-king--or he may be a relative innocent, defensively playing with appearances of being Things of Horror and Intimidation the way children, and basically harmless animals, and all of us betimes do, to gain power and space.

He may be living out the perpetually ignored implications of Jesus's words regarding little children:'...for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.' (He also said, 'The Kingdom of God is within.') Is he 'Black or White'?--yes and no!  His sexual persuasion may be that he doesn't have any. His name is extraordinarily common, yet when spoken, it is his image that almost always first and uniquely springs to mind.

His feeling toward 'the public' seems to be that of someone raised to be a perpetual sacrificial victim, giving and receiving a strange sort of love-mixed-with-horror, mutually devouring. --You could liken his to
practically every example in The Golden Bough in that respect, alone. Like the meriahs of the Khonds, or modern mythology about the 'Illuminati Families', Jackson seems torn between wanting to protect his children from those who want him to give over his and offspring's lives to them, and a feeling that their fate is inevitable...And the 'bargain' for the seasons of luxury and exaltation.

He could retire and make a truly private life for himself and his children--not the normalcy of the never-rich-&-famous, but he could change his appearance again, to something unrecognizable as 'Michael Jackson', and
nevermore present himself to the crowds--nor feel the need to mask his children. Perhaps that is among his future plans! Has he ever relaxed?

Hypothetically, he could--but he may be unable to escape the conviction that he must keep moving; keep ELUDING not to be consumed by his holocaustic childhood and predatory public.

Besides his resemblance to the figures of the Divine Child--or Changeling!--and the Sacrificial God-King, he is, of course, elvish (.........................PAUSE FOR LISA MARIE JOKES.........) and a Shape-Shifter. Then there is Orpheus...The Ratcatcher/Pied Piper...By his own words, Peter Pan (harking back to Pan, from The Wind in the Willows's glowing epiphany to TERROR ANTIQUUS, to Hallet & Pelle's far-out speculation in PYGMY KITABU). There is Victor Hugo's Gwynneplaine (sp.?)'THE MAN WHO LAUGHS'--being
affected more and more by the elective-surgery indecision...To be Diana Ross? No, Elizabeth Taylor? No, Tyrone Power? No, Vishnu? ...With the result threatening toward (the sanitized, Andrew Lloyd Webber version of) Erik the PHANTOM OF THE OPÉRA (or his 'French Wold Newton Universe' kin). Misunderstood Boo Radley of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD...And Darkman.

Add yours. Would Mr. Jackson embrace them all?

*Pop-Up Videos, perhaps mendaciously, said that London bookie odds ran 500-1 that Michael and LaToya were the same person. 8-o !

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