Monday, November 9, 2009

Hymn to Him

This is a liturgical hymn of the Greek Orthodox Church.  Christians of different denominations may take exception to bits of it-- (I'm un-'organized', myself: Apostle's & Nicene Creeds okay without the fussy nitpicking that led to the filioque schizm and all; Pauline on the Law, believe Jesus takes all sins and affliction on Himself to reconcile/make ALL things like unto Himself; has been given ALL by the Father and loses none (and so, don't accept all the [almost identical] Athanasian Creed or Fundamentals); believe that trying to live intelligently by the Golden Rule is the most essentially important thing we can do in this life; insofar as politics, art, or being 'green': What is most benign to sentient beings trumps other considerations.) --but surely most will find it magnificently righteous, faithful and sublimely beautiful:

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