Monday, February 1, 2010

Bam! ...fizzle...

I've lived too long to put faith in any presidential candidate. (1) It's the USA since FDR: Running for the office is running to be a mega-mass-murderer (~as is true of the office of most major nations' head of gov't, and of any number of 3rd World thrones. Let Jesus explain this to you). (2)When the dust has settled on the history of most presidential administrations, we find that their most important effects have been quite the opposite of what they SAID were their dearest aims. Think about how and why Red China now holds the mortgage on (the) US.

So, while I preferred Obama over McCain (and continue to pray, as I have for decades, for US to get real toward a rational and viable MULTI-party system ... And maybe a parliamentary-type vote of No Confidence to the ruling administration rather than vain, schizoid tries at impeachment), I wondered if he would be just another-of-the-same.

He was elected (besides being Not Chaney, not dynastic, and the symbolic ethnic stuff) to STOP THE WAR and offer health care that would FREE us from extortionist insurers and docs. His record so far (even putting aside the Khalid Sheik Mohammed Civilian Trial in NYC lunacy) makes us ask, Is he a weenie or a Trojan Horse? --I think the answer is, "Stop! You're BOTH right!"

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