Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Stepford Zombot Medusa-Eyed Lady May be Sorta Right in a Really Screwed-Up Way

Rep. Bachmann has taken some flack lately because she 'joked' (Oh, you so funny and tasteful, Michele! That's why you're the Ishtarbunny of Comedy Central) to her ever-appreciative crowd of Rattlesnake Party Stockholm Syndrome prole-masochists, that God* hath sent The Plagues of Late upon us because we have been Irresponsible With our Stuff.

Maybe that's right, if you: (1) Believe in examples from the Bible and most other historical faiths. It also agrees with heaps of empirical science if you view it phenomenally and leave aside the question of the will and might of supernatural beings. (2) Blow the outrageously insane and antichrist Tea Party's interpretation of what 'irresponsibility' means (not surrendering all wealth, will, and power to the Global Corporatist deities of 'Free' Market Military-Industrial Fascism) down the abyssal drain it belongs.

Whether one believes in a deity who is Almighty and All-Wise, or partly so, loving and saving or tempting and condemning, personal or impersonal (like Collective Intelligence or Natural Consequence), maybe we (including the innumerable innocent sufferers -unless you believe that tormented babies and such are getting karma or necessary lessons from offenses of their past incarnations, or whatever - but that's another question) are Getting What We Deserve from our vain and wicked Incalculable Crappy Choices and Putrid Priorities.

We could have long ago chosen peace and prosperity instead of war and want. We could have provided for the common defense by keeping safe our own borders and business (as in All God's Critters Got Their Own Bizness! - Not obscene travesties of the insatiable Moneychanger State which declares corporations to be persons and lucre to be free speech). We could have promoted the general welfare by doing those things that really make things better for everybody -not just some, or $ome a Whole Helluva Lot More Than Other$ - and NOT doing what's cruel and ruinous, unjust and unhealthy. We could have secured the blessings of liberty by having reverence for blessings and liberty, and not allowing our resources to be squandered by all manner of wantonness and sellouts to and slavery of foreigners.

We could have long ago been free of fossil fuels. Really. Imagine. Especially if we weren't putting them to Satan's work of WAR, and put those warbuck$ to GOOD use. Like actually effecting what George Washington Carver found out could be done with sweet potatoes. You'll be amazed - then you'll be awed by the extent of evil that has been and continues to be because of the suppression of these and other blessedly inspired discoveries ...As well as innumerable Everyday Obvious Better Choices.

Instead of the inevitable (without undeserved Divine Intervention) mega-disasters of more pipelines of poisons, pits of plutonium, power-grids exposed to human terrorism and Nature's blind calamatousness even as their ever-increasing webwork overhead oppresses our souls and 'necessitates' tree-ripping and 'public-domain' plundering, we could have - and long ago could have had ...PIPELINES FOR GOOD STUFF, LIKE EXCESS WATER (and energy...) FROM THE STORMS OF THE EAST TRANSMITTED TO THE DROUGHTS AND FIRES OF THE WEST.

Maychance (as the Bible actually suggests) it would please God if Governor Perry would pray for massive federal projects that actually would 'ordain and establish' Constitutional ideals for the good of ALL citizens, practically and righteously financed by revenues taken from the rapacious rich and formerly channeled to the War Machine.

*Technically (according to some), 'God' is not His Name, and she didn't say JHVH, Jesus/JAHshua, Allah, Brahm or Anything More Personal Like That, so she's not 'taking His Name' in vain. As far as the probably greater offense of blastphemy, which just means bad-mouthing and falsely accusing of bad stuff ('blame' was originally short for 'blastpheme'), it's not for us to judge her, but we can wonder about her - and all-too-easily-noted others' - confidence as being His particularly Chosen Tools, whom they believe - beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!! - for righteousness's sake must be elected by the electorate because they are already les elites of Heaven.

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