Friday, September 17, 2010

Chinese hold Mortgage on USA; Swoop Up American Forclosures

Among many articles:  (Focusses mostly on the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County - as well it might, regarding  private home purchases - but it's all over, including many big famous businesses, rural properties, etc.).

I have nothing against people who are racially Chinese - indeed, the Han seem to produce more exquisite beauty and brilliant brains than most of the rest of us (and, yes, I kow that there are many races / subracial types, in the morphological / physical / genetic sense, in China), and there are innumerable honorably admirable things about Chinese culture (is it the OLDEST of all?)... But there are pervasive traditional aspects of it so coldly ruthless and insularly arrogant that I dread them more than the violence and wantonness of the Western and African world, the Sharia extremists and dhimmi-jihadists of the Islamic world, or fulfillment of the reconquistadores de Aztlan's  most aggressive dreams.  It may be irrational, bigoted, paranoid.......But nothing says LOST to me more than Chinese takeover.

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