Friday, September 17, 2010

ABATEMENT: local; long-needed


EPA proposes $69.2 million plan to contain 4.2-mile-long contaminated underground water plume from Whittier to Norwalk


Number of illegal immigrants in U.S. now declining
Had to happen eventually.  Took all the jobs left in the US - the rest were outsourced (often by the same frequently FOREIGN-on-US-soil / formerly American businesses who hired - or even brought them in and doubled their lawscoffing by keeping them in various kinds of illegal and immoral thralldom), and now, like their anchor-babies who grow up with other native-born Americans, have the career choices of (1.)  Killer Cannon-Fodder for Endless War.  (2.) Crime.  ...Bridging these two, of course, are the few (but still utterly too many), the (satanically) proud executive and demagogue lackeys of the insatiable bloodsuckers who exploit it all.

...Not for me to judge, but I can't help thinking that the tubes sticking out of Dick Cheney's chest are uh, }}ahem! {{  KARMA's piquant way of saying, 'Now more like Vladimir Harkonnen than ever!!'

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