Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Insane Transmission Tower Lines


Edison's new power scheme is an abomination. It recalls T. Edison's ruthless thievishness and relish to electrocute man and beast for monopolistic profit.

Nothing is more vulnerable to terrorist efficacy or natural disaster than our exposed power grid. It has also been proven that illness and deformity increase in areas near electrical transmission towers. God only knows what damage is done to body, mind and spirit as trees are butchered or forbidden so that we may be ever more trapped under the cross-hung webwork of wire!

If we really cared about a safe, employed America, we would stop feeding all we have to war profiteers and other government contract bloodsuckers, and start a grand project to PUT POWERLINES AND GOODS TRANSPORTATION UNDERGROUND; WELL-GUARDED.

And~ What power might be generated if even ONE transmission tower was hung full of louvered-reel generators and photoelectric cells?

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