Saturday, February 19, 2011

Abort the House Budget Bill

(This copies a reply I made to a article:)

I'm against abortion* and the genocidal bigot Margaret Sanger's dissemblingly-named organization, as I'm against all manner of cruelty and literal as well as metaphorical bloodsucking - so votes to defund PP and its like are fine with me, and represent the one bright spot and tiny twinkle of anything that passes for the 'public interest' and 'Christian values' professed by most of the House members who pushed through this otherwise SADISTIC, MURDERING budget bill.

*Abortion should be allowed in known cases of teratogeny and other incurable sepsis and morbidity. The Republican Party as it is now is a toxic monster made from the unnatural fusing of NeoCons/Global Corporate Statists, Libertarians, and strange zealots who chant their allegiance to the Bible and the US Constitution without having any realistic concept of the essential messages to be found in those documents. Would that IT would have been 'from ... womb untimely ripp't!'

'PRO-LIFE' is only something to be claimed by those who are willing to nurture those kids after they're breathing (and how about pre-natal care, as a lagniappe?!), and honor their lives till the natural expiration point by opposing war and environmental degradation, by promoting an economy that is local/native, independent and diverse, and restricts taxation and the expendatures therefrom to those things that may be of direct (not 'trickle down' will-o'-the-wisps) advantage to ALL.

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