Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Tea Party: More Traditional Than It Thinks

Perhaps those of us who are annoyed-to-appalled by the highjacking of the early antiwar / populist / paleoconservative-libertarian, as-down-on-the-Republican-Party-as-down-on-the-Democrats Tea Party by Zombies of the Nuttosphere, Pavlovian-programmed to TRUTHINESS          
need to put it all in historical context (& not just the obvious stuff like the Weimar Republic's fast slide down the volcano's inner downslope, and other examples of high cultures decaying so that manipulated mobs who suppose that they are reacting to save civilization become the worst of it).  The truthiness of the Teeps in regards to their invocative-idolatry-amidst-ignorance-of the teachings of the New Testament and the content of the Constitution is as drops in the lake compared to that of organized religion and the Supreme Court of the United States, and these old institutions may so much more be suspected of having pursued their perversions intentionally, and for insatiable self-aggrandizement.

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