Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes Marxism Gets Right Back to Where It Started From

Marxism started when a bunch of rich bankers engaged -and financed- Karl Marx to write huge tomes of unoriginal historical commentary and theorizing, with great loads of pretty-much incontrovertable factoids peppered with falsehoods, all of which were meant to overwhelm the reader into supporting The Conclusion: A Conclusion which was usually actually scarcely related to the previous blather, and made such little sense to those still able to shake the paydirt (the actual elements of the Conclusion's supposed triumph and the tome's Premise) from the obfuscating tons of dust and rubble, that what was to be the inescapably ponderous mountain-range weight of 'Proven Theory' was rendered but a fizz of bubbles of mephitic air. This was the common method 19th Century, easily found in still-controversial classics of Darwin and Donnelly, Hislop and Fraser, and was carried creaking into the 20th Century largely by the archons of proto-Wicca and Radical Feminism, especially Margaret Murray, Robert Graves (the Old White Male who originated the rebellion against Old White Males in favor of 'poetic truth'= 'truthiness'; the belief in what Feeeeeeeeels Right to You, howevermuch it may be countered by provable fact), and Marija Gimbutas... And their scholatically degenerated admirers. But no theory of Anunnaki, Atlantises or alternate dimensions can beat Marx's Magic Conclusion, that what best serves the suffering Proletariat is: To reject and sabotage all betterment of their condition, to make the gulf between the rich-ruling and and the poor-oppressed as great as possible, because that will then maaaaaaaaagically make the squashed wretches arise and take over to create the Workers' Paradise: A do-it-yourself resurrection!

Like all the worldly-successful religions, this original Marxism, grubstaked by High Finance dedicated to the goal of Global-Corporate-State Absolutism, has been taken and run with by all manner of quarterbacks, from delusional-do-gooders to demagogic despots trying to put their (necessarily) heterodox notions of Trying to Make Dictatorship of the Proletariat Practicable.

In our Millennial decades, we have seen the Red East, after tormenting hundreds of millions to death for the god Lenin, return to the real goal of Marx and his financiers: The Orwellian 'Economic Freedom' of totalitarian state-monopoly industrialism, a 'more perfect (-even better than mid-20th Century fascism!) union' of Capitalism and Communism. But there are smaller, more personal examples~

I was trying to get away from politics, so I turned from last weekend's Murder, She Wrote Marathon to look up Angela Lansbury (she ever-deserving of immense praise as a talent and a lady) on Wikipedia. I was led (by hyperlink, of course) to her cousin, Oz pol -and plutocrat-

Check him out! Check out the Lansburys! From 'Good Old George' a Labour/Socialist who seems to have come from New Testament 'small-C' communistic ideals, through the luminous Theatrical Side, to Malcolm, pseudo-Liberal playing Anti-Monarchist Labourite on one hand and environment-raping Gold Man's Sacks heaper on the other.      

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