Friday, February 11, 2011


While I fantasize about supernatural power reforming everyone (insofar as I/they/we may need it), and always pray for the soon advent of universal salvation, there's a bummed-out, sarcastic-caustic, way-more-pragmatic-than-Christian-or-intellectual emotional prompting in me that looks at the problem (and character[s]) of GANG-BANGERS, and just sometimes wishes for the Xena Solution ('Kill them all!!').  Just saw part of a thing on TV on Miami's (claiming-Haitian-identity-whether-native-born-citizens-or-not) Zoe Pound Gang.  These unspeakables torture children to extort the kids' parents, and sacrifice them to witchdoctors' loa.  

I know.  Some gangsters reform.  Some are pulled into gangs young and helplessly - but, oh -!  I think~ Couldn't we just grab all members of these proven reallyreally murderous criminal organizations, run some tests on 'em, weed out those with any promise of being retreaded as mensches, and send the sadistic rest to some super-secure hole to =ah= carve out 'new friendships' among themselves?

Because so many gangs are international/colonial, I went to search the Zoe Pound on VDare, which damnably allows overt racism, but remains a valuable source of news items on the un- or ineffectively- contested toxic tide of foreigners flooding our nation.  I didn't find the Zoe Pound, so I tried a more general 'gang' search, and got this facetious use of 'gang'... With very important implications.  From 6 years ago:

View From Lodi, CA: Look Out Teachers; The H-1B Visa Gang Wants Your Job  By Joe Guzzardi

I'm very pro- trade unionist (not pro their corruptions!), but have thought the California State Teachers Association to be among the rottenest.  Either their power is misrepresented and they're being steamrollered, or they're almost unimaginably warped, if they allow this.  What the Californication??!!


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