Thursday, May 12, 2011

'Courts' Are Not JUSTICE

Forensic procedure, 'law & order' is not justice.  Our major news stories of late have spoken primarily about whether JUSTICE has been served, or not.  Vengeance may partake of justice, perhaps more often than proceedings of judicial courts, but it is not justice.  ...At least, not 'justice', as we most commonly use the word:  As an ideal of EQUAL RETURN; a pure fair compensation.

The judge who convicted a (Ukrainian-born, later 'Ohioan') functionary of the Sobibor Nazi death camp released him pending appeal, said, 'It's the law, so it's justice'. --Translated from the German, apparently, and perhaps faulty in translation, but the sentence remains as either a pointless redundancy~ 'law=justice', or a false invocation of 'justice' as an ideal.  'Government existing by the free advice and consent of  a well-informed, sane, honest adult general-public-governed' is an ideal, 'government exists for the convenience of the governors' has been the age-after-age Machiavellian reality.  Sometimes 'the people', and even the better Powers That Be influence laws, police forces, and the judicial system, so that there is some benefit to the governed and some approximation of the ideal of justice, but to say the system is actually justice-in-the-ideal is like saying the bright glimmerings on the ocean is the ocean.

Then there's Bin Laden's Son Reportedly Calls Father's Killing 'Criminal' and Michael Moore, the often-real-hero who can sometimes go off the deep end with full-of-himself hot air, suggesting the same thing.

Mass murderers - whether proud admitters like bin Laden, deniers like death camp 'mechanics' who are actually guilty... Or heads of warring nations, their 'universal soldiers' (those who hadn't been turned into zombots by the relentless propaganda of government and popular culture mindfyx-since-birth...And those we-never-did-that-okay-FOIA-so-we-did-but-it-wasn't-really-us-it-was-old-dead-guys-and-we-stopped-a-long-time-ago chem/bio, genetic, foetal-&-infant, often really grotesque and torturous physical & psychosomatic experimentation)  and other war/arms profiteers, environment poisoners, cartel-cabalists of manipulated desperation and privation - You know, the folk who get medals, plaques, titles, honors, votes and adulation for herding y'all painfully to your graves... Are not going to get justice in this world (unless you believe in some kind of just recompense by reincarnation - and there are big problems with that!):  Real, ideal JUSTICE meas that they'll understand what they did to their fellow creatures as much as they were willing to be done to their felow creatures.  We mortals are not able to judge that justly nor enact that righteously.  But, at least when the perps have bragged on it, we have the right to take them out.        

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