Friday, May 27, 2011

I Can Has Bukkit Definition

Maybe...  In any event, As the aion gets more and more wildly doomy -and I  (conspiracy theorist!!) suspect most of it has come by way of bad guys with propaganda weapons, HAARP-fears weapons, etc.,  I'm currently trying to get back to being something other than a squeeker version of an Old Testament prophet.  I s'pose I've already said most of my What the FN Problems Are & What We Oughta Do spiels, so instead of Yet More Repetition of same, perhaps my work here should get back to the original, more FLOOFY - or at least less political - mandate.  How?  With So Many and Great Temptations?  Well, maybe~~~


With the added safety (I hope) of, if I'm tooooooooo tempted by news items, rendering them into loopy baby pidjin will diffuse some of the wounded wrath and self-righteousness.

I spend much of my spare time - especially now that I'm really a physical wreck - with the Consolations of Philosophy... Which in my case, beyond Religion, is mostly nature guide aided dreams, and cozy / humorous mystery novels (occasionally finding a curiously-shaped link in cryptozoology); so I really ought to try harder to spread some comfort.  If anyone reads this... Well, I expect the  homeless people in the death and wreckage of disaster-and-war zones don't really need to hear another (essentially powerless) voice telling them that Our Priorities Need Big-Time Re-Adjustment!

But first, I had to try to get one thing straight.  My Glorious Quest thereto has shown that this is (if not at the profound level of Why Has a Good God Allowed Evil, or even the True Meaning of Louie, Louie), it still is a widespread mystery to many longing souls: 

Click here: bukkit lolrus - Google Search about 15,000.  Haven't been able to find a straight definition. Don't think anyone knows for sure; just like the whimsy. 'Bucket' in slang mostly relates to 'kick the bucket' -which goes back to the Hindu 'kick the frame' = soul kicks itself off the body (recently, 'bucket list' has come to mean, 'list of things to do before one dies'), to an overly cavernous vagina, or to a useable but obviously decaying car. It also may be literal: 'Sumtienz a bukkit iz jus a bukkit', but it is supremely precious to the fabled 'lolrus' /walrus. The obvious real-world connection is, the zoo walrus has his meals brought to him in the BUCKET. However, in the 'saga';

'The Lolrus and Bukkit talked about everything under the sun...' The bukkit is confidante, best friend, beloved: Not the body kicked by the escaping soul, but more nearly the soul and metaphorical 'heart' itself. The shadings of the pejorative other uses and the singular pathos of the walrus's search for his own bucket suggest the BUKKIT is something most precious to an individual, though the object be scorned as of little value to others.

Then there is the Walrus:

(1) Also known as the lolrus, which may = 'laughs out loud are us', or (see:)
(2) This song has frequently been attached, apparently by sheer bizarreness and its own partial inspiration in Lewis Carroll's The Walrus and the Carpenter with The White Album, and has been covered by doom groups, suggesting that the Walrus is or brings death. As such, The Walrus and his Bukkit may be a lite, Cheez-y, bathetic parody of Death Takes a Holiday (radio play online here).
(3) The Farfarers.

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