Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Candidate Qs Wish-List from Frum

Generally I disagree with Carney, but he's got some some extraordinary ones here, including the usually untouchable subject of limiting LEGAL immigration:

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Carney // Sep 20, 2011 at 10:05 am

1. Why do you emphasize domestic oil drilling as a solution to getting off foreign oil when, while we have 25% of world fuel demand, the CIA says that even counting Arctic and offshore we have less than 2% of world oil reserves, and OPEC has more than 78%?

2. Obviously we all want to eat our cake and keep it too, but sometimes we have to choose. Is economic non-interventionism more important than national security?

3. If even free-market founding father Adam Smith supported sailcloth subsidies to prevent Britain from becoming dependent on its enemies for his era’s strategically vital source of transportation motive power, what’s wrong with ethanol subsidies? Was Adam Smith a big government socialist?

4. Do you support the Open Fuel Standards Act, making it a required standard feature of all new gasoline cars that they be able to run on alternative fuel? It only costs $130 per new car for automakers, but they have dragged their feet for 20 years. How long will you put up with our economy and national security held hostage by Mideast petro-tyrants?

5. Why continue large-scale legal immigration during an economic slowdown and high unemployment?

6. Will you end “chain migration” – the immigration of people who would not otherwise be considered desirable enough to admit to the US but are allowed in solely because they have a relative here? If not, since everyone is related to many other people, how is that not a slow-motion open borders policy?

7. Prior waves of immigrants were assimilated and Americanized in part because the wave ended. What will you do to end the current wave of legal immigration? If not, why do you imagine it can be acculturated without a pause?

8. Should ease of assimilation and acculturation be a factor in considering whom to admit to the US, including national origin?

9. After World War 2 Germany and France allowed in millions of so-called temporary or guest workers from Africa and the Middle East who turned out to be permanent; they never left. What can we learn from their example?

10. How will you prevent a guest worker program from becoming a method of mass influx of permanent immigrants? What if the guest worker has a child on US soil? Will you have the willpower to deport that person, in the face of media and ethnic lobby criticism?

11. Isn’t mass immigration just another government program distorting our internal free market?

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