Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nostalgia for the Relative Sanity of the Worst of McCarthyism

Coming from the past, as I do, I remember the McCarthy hearings.  Yes, Joe McCarthy was a rabid ranter and may have been a type of 'Manchurian Candidate' inasmuch as his berserker style, seemingly utterly indifferent to the 'collateral damage' and 'friendly fire' his everywhere-directed frothing fulminations would bring on the noble cause of anti-communism and even the patriotic efforts of his own friendly witnesses, let alone innocents accused of treachery for having exercized their constitutional rights to sociopolitical curiosity or having been ordered during WWII military/State Dept. service, after Stalin pragmatically changed  from his Axis with Hitler to edgy coordination with the English-Speaking World dominated Allies, to play with the bloodydamn Commies.  McCarthy's eminence gris was the pathological hypocrite, Roy Cohn, whose other main erstwhile servant was (howevermuch effort has been employed to bury the fact) Bobby Kennedy.

I remember the abominations of the Cold War and how much our 'leaders' did to mindfork us into aping the worst ways of all the members of the former-and-yet sadistic totalitarian Axis Powers, allegedly as a necessity of fighting them.  I was up front and personally - repeatedly - chewed up, spit out and pasted back together, as has been so painfully true of countless others of that time and even before.  We wretched, demise-longing sacrifices on the altar of 'science falsely called' were used that discoveries might be made to further the agendae of profit-and-control, so that the victims have since become the general population, numbed and dumbed, the corruption, pain and poverty spread out and made weirdly desirable and aggreeable - 'the Satanic Paradise' - subtle for the mass of human cattle; the poor animals and other 'voiceless' (such as humans in hospitals and prisons; often little ones in 'educational institutions') may still be friercely and directly tormented.

Bringing us to today, and the giddy enthusiasm for Gotterdammerung.

Eisenhower was more justly suspected of pallin' with Stalin than many of today's Tea Party targets are of being anti-American, or even 'Lefties'.     

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