Friday, September 23, 2011

Murders: Widely Separate; Strangely Conjoined

In the news of late:

Click here: Troy Davis case - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~put to death after a long imprisonment for the murder of an off-duty police officer, in a case and trial so fraught with improbity in prosecution that the Pope, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and former Director of the FBI, among nearly a million others, petitioned that Davis be given clemency. Mr. Davis's last acts strongly suggest imitatio Christi.

Click here: Death of Kelly Thomas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~look at the picture of the victim's face transformed by outrageous tortures inflicted on him by police (Only two charged!) 

I'm from a law enforcement family and am natively pro-police.  I personally witnessed one incident of police brutality decades ago, the victim (a very tall, wiry, vigorous white male in his 20s) a seriously-violent, murder-attempting longtime local menace we wer all glad was finally going to be taken away.  In those days we commonly heard that the 'Angel-Dusted' such as he  felt no pain and could have the strength of 20 men when resisting arrest... So we thought maaaaayyyybe it was okay/necessary that the man -on his knees and cuffed behind his back - was clubbed over the head with the deputy's baton each time he tried to shift position.  But there were plenty of other deputies there, and they could have easily, to all appearances by we non-pros, put him in the wagon directly instead of playing Live Human Skull Whack-a-Mole with him.  Bad as he was, we let force be wantonly abused and remain ashamed of it.

Then all those videos since, which have shown us both police wildings and proper police take-downs, and even the Dog the Bounty Hunter crew who manage to efficiently arrest violent felons with nothing worse than the rare squirt of pepper spray.

By the recounting of incidents leading the smashing and burning of Kelly Thomas, the Orange County District Attorney (who bizarrely exculpated all but two of the several policemen involved), well... We have all become unfortunately familiar with the de facto though illegal cause for official suspicion, detention, frisking, etc. by police, facetiously called 'a DWB'=Driving While Black.  Thomas's 'offense', no doubt about to swell like a tidal wave as America's alleged  Sancrosanct Job Creators Who Must Not Be Taxed Or Subject To Rules Like Lesser Mortals will only hire those who will work for the carrot-and-the-stick (while these gods rip away the drones's houses), seems to be DWH:   Discernble While Homeless.      

Click here: Friends For Fullerton's Future Blog >

Click here: Murder of James Byrd, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~ dragged and dismembered to death by 3 disgraces to humanity, one of them recently executed.


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